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Lux Fragrances- 8oz Heirloom Pumpkin Gift Box

Lux Fragrances

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he Fragrance of a Deep, Rich, Spiced Pumpkin and Vanilla.

Fragrance Family

Warm / Food

Fragrance Notes
Roasted Almond, Nutmeg, Clove, Cinnamon Chai, Vanilla Bean, Maple Sugar

Suggested Placements
Kitchen, Great Room

This wonderful gift box is sure to please. All gift boxes are made by hand with various ribbons and adornments. The candle is poured in a colored glass vessel.   

The burn time on a single wick candle is 8-10 hours per candle ounce. In other words, a 10 ounce candle will burn for a minimum of 80 hours. For a three wick dough bowl, it’s 30 hours due to multiple wicks burning a set amount of wax. Five wick dough bowl candles burn for 40-50 hours. All of this, of course, is so long as the wicks are maintained to less than 1/4” at all times. The shorter the flame, the longer the burn time. 

8" X 5.5"X 7.5"

Approximately 8 oz.

Lux candles are made in Des Arc, Arkansas from a blend of the highest quality, fully-refined paraffin and vegetable waxes. Formulated to deliver a high concentration of 15% fragrance oil for exceptional lasting aroma and burn time of 8-10 hours per ounce with a single wick. Lux Fragrance candles utilize premium tempered glass intended specifically for candle use and cotton wicks with zinc cores.



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