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Cottage Door Press- A Little Reindeer

Cottage Door Press

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Follow along as the little reindeer who lives on the North Pole as it practices certain skills! This little reindeer's mom and dad help pull Santa's sleigh and, someday, he'll be just like them. But first, there is a lot to learn—like how to put a harness on. Flying is also hard work, but practice makes perfect so this little one will keep trying! Reindeer need to be big and strong to pull the sleigh so growing reindeer have to eat their yummy carrot and apple treats. Pretty soon, this little reindeer will be ready to join the others leading Santa's sleigh around the world on Christmas Eve!

  • Adorable story for toddlers and babies curious about reindeer and the North Pole
  • Shaped board book with sturdy, thick pages that are perfectly sized for little hands and fingers to turn the pages and read along
  • Playful artwork on every page will keep kids entertained
  • Lively rhymes will keep children engaged throughout the story
  • A perfect Christmas gift and great addition to your toddler's little library of holiday books

Collections: Children/Baby - Books

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