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Book - Nature's Remedies: An Illustrated Guide to Healing Herbs

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Throughout history, herbs have been used medicinally to promote healing and vitality. Think chamomile for enhanced sleep, milk thistle for detox, and elderberry for an immunity boost. Today, herbal remedies are more popular than ever, celebrated not just for their effectiveness but also as all-natural and affordable. This beginner-friendly guide welcomes a new generation to the trusted tradition. Engagingly written for a wide audience of homemakers, nature lovers, and fans of organic living, it presents richly detailed profiles of more than 65 herbs, including historical overviews, usages, how-to tips, and beautiful watercolor illustrations.

About the author (2016):
Jean Willoughby is a writer, media maker, and herb enthusiast who trained at the Herbal Academy of New England. She is author of Growing Innovation 1.0, a book that shares the stories of innovative and entrepreneurial small-scale farmers. She lives and gardens in Pittsboro, North Carolina.

Katie Shelly is a designer and illustrator from New York City. Her previous book, Picture Cook, is an eclectic cookbook whose recipes are explained with pictures instead of words. She is based in New York, New York

Bibliographic information
Title: Nature's Remedies: An Illustrated Guide to Healing Herbs
Author: Jean Willoughby
Illustrated by: Katie Shelly

Collections: Books - Coffee Table Books, Home Decor - Books

Category: Cookbook

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