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Book - Kitchen Creamery: Making Yogurt, Butter & Cheese at Home

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As the DIY movement continues to gain momentum, it's no wonder home cheesemaking is the next hot topic. And from cheesemaking authority and teacher Louella Hill comes an education so timely and inspiring that every cheese lover and cheesemonger, from novice to professional, will have something to learn. Kitchen Creamery starts with the basics (think yogurt, ricotta, and mascarpone) before graduating into more complex varieties such as Asiago and Pecorino. With dozens of recipes, styles, and techniques, each page is overflowing with essential knowledge for perfecting the ins and outs of the fascinating process that transforms fresh milk into delicious cheese.

About the author (2015): Louella Hill is a member of the California Artisan Cheese Guild and a professional cheesemaker. As the Milk Maid, she teaches sold-out classes on cheesemaking in San Francisco, California.

Bibliographic information
Title: Kitchen Creamery: Making Yogurt, Butter & Cheese at Home
Author: Louella Hill
Photographs by: Erin Kunkel
Publisher: Chronicle Books, 2015

Collections: Books - Cookbooks, Home Decor - Books

Category: Cookbook

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